Chasing Games

Here's a list of a games that involve chasing, like Tag.  

Note that these categories are pretty fluid and there is a lot of overlap between different ones.  Where applicable I've cross-referenced similar games.

Amoeba Tag
Broom Tag
Capture the Flag
Catch One... Catch All
Colored Eggs
Espionage Chasing Game
Farmer in the Dell
Flashlight Tag
Freeze Tag
Hospital Tag
Jungle Gym Tag
Kick the Can
Kick the Can Variation 1
Kings and Queens
Man Tag
Mexican Hideout
Octopus Tag
Partner Tag
Pom Pon
Prisoner's Base
Red Devil
Sneak Up Chasing Game
Steal The Bacon
Stop There!
Swat the Fly
The Wolf and The Easter Eggs
Tiggy off Ground
Toilet Tag
TV Game
TV Tag
Up and Down
Warewolf (a tag game)
What's the Time Mr. Wolf