Colored Eggs


One person is the "wolf". The other people line up next to each other, with the wolf facing them. Everyone in line picks a color in their mind. The wolf then says..."knock-knock", the line answers "who's there?". Wolf replies "a big bad wolf with (curly or some other variation) hair".

The line says.."what do you want?" Wolf answers "colored eggs". The line yells "what color?". The wolf then says a color. Whoever had "picked" that color then runs around a selected area (to the far oak tree in the yard and back to the line, for example), with the wolf giving chase.

If the wolf catches the "egg", then that person becomes the wolf with the game starting over. If not, and all eggs make it back to line successfully, the wolf then calls out the next color, etc.

Contributed by Kathy (US, Midwest) - Thank you!