H - E - L - P (one jump for each letter) (The ropes spin faster and faster until the jumper misses on a letter. (Then, s/he must do whatever is required at that letter.)

H - Highwaters (rope doesn't touch the ground)

E - Eyes closed or Easy over (rope goes over slower than usual)

L - Leapfrog (jump like a frog/crouch down, then jump high)

P - Peppers (rope twirls quickly)

Players can continue to spell HELP as they jump, only to do what is required of the next letter they miss on (or the next jumper can do what is required of the letter that the previous jumper missed on.) Or, they can simply jump until they miss at which point the next jumper will start from the beginning.

Contributed by Sarah Buhman


H-hot pepper (the rope goes fast)

E-elevator (the rope goes up)

L-limbo (the rope goes down when she comes out)

P-popcorn (you wiggle the rope & the person has to go under it)


Contributed by Tessa


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