Blue Bells, Cockle Shells


This rhyme was for beginners who could not jump in while the rope was swinging over and over


(Swing the rope back and forth, not over)


Blue bells, cockle shell

Easy ivy over


(swing rope over head on over and continue in normal rope swing)

(We always sang it with the following rhyme but it can beused with any)


Oh no, here comes Miss Blackwell

with her big black stick

Now its time for arithmetic

One plus one is?

(jumper responds) Two

Two plus two is?

(jumper responds) Four

Four plus four is?

(jumper responds) Eight

Eight plus eight is?

(jumper responds) Sixteen

Nows its time for spelling

Spell cat.

(jumper responds) C-A-T

Spell dog.

(jumper responds) D-O-G

Spell hot.

(jumper responds) H-O-T


(when the jumper finishes spelling HOT swing the rope as fast as

possible till they mess up.)

Contributed by  Noreen Goodman

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