Uno, dos-ee-ay-say

This is a hand clapping game that is pretty simple and follows the basic pattern of 1 Clap your own hands once 2 Slap right hand with your partner's right hand 3 Clap your own hands once 4 Slap left hands with your partner 5 Repeat step 1-4

Through most of the game except for at the beginning when you hold your partners hands and swing them back and forth and the line "Quick, quick, quick" when you slap both hands against both your partners hands 3 times in succession, then go back to the basic pattern.


Uno, dos-ee-ay-say Said east, west,

met my boyfriend at the candy store

He brought me ice cream He brought me cake

He brought me home with a belly ache

Mama, mama, I'm so sick

Call the doctor Quick, quick, quick!

Doctor, doctor, will I die

Count to five and you'll be alive

Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco

I'm alive, yeah!

(when you say "Yeah" point at yourself with two thumbs, a la Fonzie).

Contributed by D'Arcy - Thank you!