Punch the Icebox

The person who is "it" hides their face against a building, or tree with the other players gathered behind him. Someone "draws" a face on "its" back, describing what he is doing. "A circle, two eyes and a mouth". Someone then punches the nose in. "It" immediately turns around and identifies who punched the nose. The identified person says, "How far shall I count and how far shall I run?" "It" then pronounces how far to count and where to run to, and back, keeping in mind that if he identified the wrong person, he must execute the instructions. If he guessed correctly, the puncher becomes "it". At this point all run and a regular game of hide-and-seek is played. The first one caught becoming "it" for the next game. We grew up in the country and kids from a mile away would walk to our house on Saturday night to play punch the icebox and kick the can. 

Contributed by Dave - Thank you!

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