Come a little closer

Best played at night when it is dark or where there are a lot of hiding places 

One person is 'it' the person that is it finds a base not too big or too small, set boundaries but don't make the boundaries too big, the person that is it should be able see comfortably all four corners of the boundaries. The person that is 'it' shuts his eyes and counts to 20 while the other people hide.  When 'it' is done counting he opens his eyes and says, for example "Jim behind the shed" or "Sally at the side of the white fence." Or wherever he thinks the people are. If he can't find anybody 'it' says "come a little closer 1,2,3,4,5," with his eyes closed. While he dose that the other people that are hiding come a little closer, or if you think you can make it to the base before 'it' counts to 5 you can try to make a mad dash for the base. You just keep doing that over and over until everybody's caught. Oh I almost forgot the 'it' has to have one part of his body on the base he cannot let go of it.

Contributed by Stephanie - Thank you!

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