Chinese Jump Rope

First you begin with the rope around the ankles of two children.

Another child jumps in the rope with both feet. Then the child jumps out of the rope with both legs straddling each outside rope. Next, the child jumps from side to side. (Straddling each side of the rope.) Then the child jumps on the rope. Then out again. Finally, the child takes the rope, crosses it using their legs, so that their legs are in side of an x. Then the child has to jump out and straddle the rope. 

With each jump if they land on the rope when they are not supposed to, then they are out. Or if they are trying to land on it and miss they are out. Once you accomplish the ankles, you move up to the waist, then below the arms, then finally the neck (I have never seen it go that far.) With each sequence you say, "in, out, side, side, on, in, out."

Contributed by Lydia

Attach the elastics to make a good size rope. You can choose not to connected it all and just have kids jump over the elastics like a high jump bar. going from ankle to neck see below or..........

Once the rope is completed full circle you need 3 players or two chairs.
Have two kids hold the rope by stepping inside the rope one on each end.
Or put the rope around the two front legs of the chairs.

Here's the "ditty" you spell out Mississippi. M you jump into the center , I you spread outside the rope, S jump to straddle left side of the rope, S straddle right side of the rope, I outside again, SS repeat the ss's , I outside the ropes again, PP you step on the rope both sides then double jump on it, finish with I jumping outside the rope again.

After you complete this you then move the rope from your ankle position to the knees, then after completion under the bottom then the waist then under arms then necks.

Contributed by Lynn - Thank you!




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