International Games


There are many more out there of course, this is the second update of international games, I will be adding more as time permits.  One thing that is obvious quite quickly is the remarkable spread of the same games, for example as you can see, the American game 'Duck Duck Goose' also exists in the Czech Republic and Ghana (and undoubtedly many more), just with a different name.  Did this game move between these seemingly unconnected cultures?? If so, how?  Or did the children spontaneously create the same game thousands of miles apart??  I have no idea...

Argentinean Games

        Stop There!

Australian Games

        Down Down Down

        Stuck in the Mud

        What's the Time Mr. Wolf?

Canadian Games


Czech Games

        Pesek (similar to Duck Duck Goose)

English Games

        Tiggy off Ground 

Filipino Games


Ghanan Games


        Antoakyire (similar to Duck Duck Goose)


Italian Games

        Lupo Della Ore (similar to What's the Time Mr. Wolf)

Japanese Games


Pakistani Games

        Up and Down