Stick Stick

A.K.A. Button, Button, who has the Button?

One person starts out as "it' and the other players form a circle surrounding her. They sit cross legged 

All members of the circle sit with their knees touching. The left hand forms a "cup" shape, (palm up) and is placed on the person to their left's right knee (so each person has someone else's left hand on their right knee.) The right hand is made into a clenched position ( as though hiding something.) One person starts with a twig small enough to be concealed in their right hand. The person who is "it" must know where the stick is starting.

It is imperative that the players have the motion down-pat before the actual game is played. They must all start with their right hand in the cupped hand of the player whose hand is on their right knee, then everyone at the same time moves their right hand into their own left hand, then back to the other hand, then back to their own hand. The stick is passed from one player to the next, but must be concealed to the best of their abilities (especially during the actual passing of the stick.) After the song is sung once through, the person who is "it" can begin to guess who has the stick. When they successfully guess, those two players switch places. Half the fun is trying to conceal the stick--the other half is pretending you have it when you really don't!!

The song is as follows, each line break represents the hands going from side to side



How I


From one

hand in-

to the


Is it


Is it


to keep poor

(say name of player in center)



This song is repeated until the person guesses where the stick is. No fair hiding the stick!!

Contributed by Kim - Thank you!



The children all stand in a circle with one person in the middle. That person has a button between his hands that he is going to drop into one of the other player's hands. The object of the game is to go around the circle pretending to drop the button, but not letting the others know who got the button. Then the other players guess who got the button. The drop is accomplished by holding the button between your two hands stretched out flat. You stand facing another player who is holding his hands the same way, only he opens his a little bit so you can run your hands through his. If you decide to drop the button, you open the bottom of your hands a little and let it drop. If you don't drop the button, just leave your hands closed, and go through the motion. After you have gone completely around the circle, all the players guess, with all of them trying to look like the one with the button. Whoever finally guesses correctly gets to be in the middle and drop the button.

Contributed by Sue - Thank you!

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