A.K.A Quarter Kill

Things you'll need: At least 3 kids (ages 8 and up or that can stay still and understand the game.), a quarter, a flash light and a cloth to cover the flashlight.


On person is chosen to be "it". The other players sit down and form a circle. In the middle of the circle is the flashlight covered by the cloth, make sure that all the players can see each others eyes. The person who is it shuts the lights, except for the flashlight and the other players close their eyes and put their hands behind their backs. "It" walks around the circle and places the quarter in an unsuspecting player's hand. The person who is it than says "OK, open your eyes." the players in the circle than open their eyes and the person with the quarter tries to kill the others bye blinking at them. If the other players get blinked at they fall to the ground. The players with out the quarter try to guess who the "killer" is.  If they guess incorrectly or get blinked at they are out for this round. The game continues with the person that gets the quarter to be it.

Contributed by Justine - Thank you!


This game is played by having everyone sit in a circle. All hold hands. The pre-selected murderer then starts to squeeze the hands of those sitting next to him/her. For each squeeze it will travel that many hands away from the murderer. The people next to the murderer squeeze the people next to them minus one time, and this continues until someone is squeezed only once. The person who receives only one squeeze is dead. The object of the game is to guess who the murderer is before you get "killed."

Contributed by Erin - Thank you!

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