Koosh Ball


How to play:


Start with small groups of about 10 people (or smaller). Form a circle.


One person starts with the koosh ball. He/she names a particular person in

the group and throws the ball to him/her.


That person must catch the ball then names another person of the group and

also throws the ball to him/her.


Everyone in that circle will throw the ball to the person they have each

named. This implies that everyone will receive the ball from the same

person and throw it to the same person. (ie: A always throws the ball to C

and C always throws it to G, etc...).


Once the students have completed a full circle of ball throwing (3-4 times)

without dropping the ball, The students will become more familiar with

the activity. The add a second ball and repeat the motion. Then go to 3-4



Once the students are comfortable with this pattern, form a bigger circle

by integrating all the students, and start throwing 1 kooshball. Make a

complete pattern. Every student will have the opportunity of receiving and

throwing the kooshball. Once the ball has gone around without being

dropped, introduce a second ball, then a third, and so on.

This game creates a pattern of motion, involving concentration, focus and a

lot of fun. I have gone as high as 9 kooshball with 27 students; it's

quite challenging.


A variation:

Students number themselves and call numbers instead of names. The ball can

be thrown up in the air and the number called must catch it before it falls

to the ground.

Contributed by Anne-Marie - Thank you!

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