This game needs two players and a pole (approx 10') with a volleyball attached to the top by a string about 8' long.

One player serves by throwing the ball in one direction. The other player, standing on the other side of the pole, tries to hit back the other direction. They then continue knocking it back and forth, each trying to keep it going their direction.

Someone wins when the ball goes their way so far that the ball hit the pole and stops spinning.


We would make the game of tetherball a little more interesting by making up additional rules at the beginning of the game: 

- one-handed hits 

- only fists 

- only must be off the ground when hitting the ball 

- must list off subjects before hitting the ball (eg. if the subject is vegetables, you have to yell out broccoli or peas, etc before hitting the ball) you get the idea!

Contributed by: J. Piascik - Thank you!

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