You get a group of kids, (minimum 3, no max)and a ball (playground-type, red, or if you play with mean kids, a hard kickball-type). Determine who is "it" . "It" then counts to a predetermined number, usually 10. out loud. As he counts, the rest of the players scatter. When he reaches 10, they all freeze in their spot. Then "it" takes 4 giant steps towards the closest person (S-P-U-D) and throws the ball, trying to hit him or her. If "it" hits the person, the person gets a letter "S", if "it" misses, then "it" gets a letter. That person then becomes "it". The game continues until one person is SPUD (gets hit or misses 4 times). Eventually the game comes down to two people.

Contributed by Beth - Thank you!


All players form a circle and count off (they must remember their number.) One player is chosen to be "it" and is given a playground ball. S/he throws the ball high up into the air and calls out another player's number. Everybody runs away except for the player with that number. S/he must run to the ball. When s/he gets the ball, s/he calls, "Spud!" very loudly. Everybody must freeze when they hear, "Spud!" Then, the player with the ball can take two big steps towards any player and throw the ball at him/her. If that player is hit by the ball, s/he becomes "it." If not, the player who called "Spud!" is "it."

Contributed By Sarah - Thank you!

Instead of giving numbers the Caller (the first person to throw the ball in the air--this was always a completion when i used to play, "I'm first Caller!!" "I'm second Caller!!" and so on.) picks a category (animals, sports, feelings, etc.) and gives each player a word from the category.

it is given at the end of the driveway and everyone else is at the other end so they cant hear. if it was animals, one player might be a dog, or a elephant. they throw it up in the air (usually the starting point is from a sewer in the middle of the road. this is where the Caller and the other people throw the ball up from.) and calls out a word from the category, but if they call a word and nobody has it, its a Gostball. if its a Gostball then everyone has to run and touch the ball. the last person to touch the ball gets a letter. (S, P, U, and D) if the person's word gets called they have to catch it and yell freeze like baby in the air! .

They take 3 steps and try to hit someone and if they do, the person who got hit gets a letter and is the new throw-the-ball-in-the-air-and-call-a-word person. if they miss, they get a letter and try again. when someone gets SPUD, they are out and have to be punished.

Contributed by Lauren (US, West) - Thank you!


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