A.K.A. Hot Box

A.K.A. Run Down

A.K.A. Running the Bases

The rules of the game are pretty simple.
You'll need two bases (we used Mom's rugs), a softball and two softball gloves (if you don't have the gloves just use a ball that's not "hard."

Set up the two bases about 20 feet apart.
Two kids would be selected to be "it", one at each base.
The other kids would divide and go to the bases.
The game started by the two kids who were "it" tossing the ball to each other.
The object of the game was to time running from one base to the other without being tagged by the ball.
If you were tagged then you were "it" and the game continued, usually until all the kids were too tired to run anymore.
The fun of the game was getting the person who was "it" to throw a wide pitch or "steal" the base.

Contributed by Karen - Thank you!

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