2 or more players

Need a basket ball, goal and markers if not on a gym floor. 

Each player takes turns shooting the ball from the square closest to the goal (right side)which is called "H" and when he/she makes the goal they move to the next square "O" and try to make that basket. The next area "R" is from the free throw line and then the player will travel to the next square on the left which is "S" and finally to the closest square to the goal on the left side "E". Each player starts on "H" and can only throw the ball once. 

If he/she miss they must go to the end of the line and wait their turn. 

As a player makes each basket he/she moves around in front of the goal throwing the ball from each spot on the floor spelling out horse. 

The player who spells out Horse first is the winner. 

I think it is called Horse because you travel in a horse shoe shape around the goal.

Contributed by Pam - Thank you!

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