HACKBALL this is essentially like 4 square. the main difference is that you use a hacky sack for the ball. it makes for a very portable 4 square game. the necessary rule changes then include: 

1)the ball must be kept in the air--not bounced--when volleyed from square to square. if the receiver fails to hit the ball, and it lands in his square (or out of bounds after he has touched it), he is vanquished. 

2)one must never hit the hackball in a downward fashion ('spiking' the ball). this would be a breach in player's etiquette, and the offender would be punished by loss-of-square privileges. 

3)in further explanation of rule change number two, the hackball is required to rise a considerable distance from the attacker's hand in order to be considered a legitimate 'volley' (this prevents one from 'letting' the hackball down in another's square). 

4)a volley may be instigated by any part of the body. the more obscure and creative the hit the more respect one earns. 

5)the squares must be much smaller than traditional. we found that the smaller the square, the closer and more action-packed the play. our preference was about 3' x 3'. 

HACKBALL 64 is hackball except with an immense amount of squares. we have played with up to 16.

Contributed by Dustin - Thank you!

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