Equipment needed: originally 2 sticks and a homemade string ball.  2 bats and a ball that will not go far. Maybe a softball, whiffle ball, or nerf ball.2 bases placed appropriately for age of players. Maybe 20-30 feet apart.


2 Batters (Can play individually or as a team.)(Usually play as a team when young children are playing. Team a child with an older child or adult, when one is out they are both out.)

2 Catchers (also act as pitchers)(also may play individually or as a team)

Any others may play any where in the field.


The ball is pitched by the catcher at one base to the batter at the other base. If it is hit and caught as a fly ball, the batter (and partner if teamed) is out and the one catching the fly (and someone else if teamed) take their place.

If the pitch is swung at and missed when a child is the catcher, and the child catches the ball directly or on the bounce, this can be called an out if this rule is agreed upon.

Pitches are made to either batter alternately or as decided by convenience of the ball location, until 3 hits have been made. (It doesn't matter which batter made them.) On the 3rd hit, the two batters drop their bat and run to change places. An out is made if a catcher or fielder can get the ball and throw it between one of the runners and the base toward which he is running.

If no out is made, the two batters continue.

If the out is made by one of the catchers, the batter/batters and catcher/catchers change places.

If the out is made by a fielder, he changes places with the runner (team if necessary)

Make additional rules as needed for your situation.

No score is kept, just have fun.

Run on the 3rd hit - don't count balls or strikes

Contributed by Joyce

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