Hit and Run Ball Game


Here's what you need: A long flat wall (At least 15 feet long, the longer the better) At least 7 players A rubber gym ball

In elementary school, we invented this game. We had a long brick wall on the side of the school, and there were two platforms at each end of the wall.

The hitter would stand 15-20 feet away from the wall with the ball in their hand.

All the other players (runners) would be at the platforms and they would be running back and forth from each platform.

The hitter, threw the ball and tried to hit one of the runners, if they scored, then the runner would become the hitter and the hitter became a runner.

This would keep going on until recess ended. I doubt other people played this game because we only played it from 2nd to 4th grade after that, an addition was added to our school getting rid of flat wall. I didn't invent the game but Alyssa K. did.

Contributed by Craig (US, Midwest) - Thank you!